There are 3 things we all want in our lives.

We want to be Happy.

We want to be Healthy.

And we want to be Wealthy.

If you look at the statistics, we struggle to be any of these.

A recent Harris Poll shows that only 1 in 3 Americans are happy.  Just 1 in 3!

A recent article in "Men's Health" showed that just 2.7% of a study group could pass 4 points on a test.

As for wealth, I do not need to quote any article or study.  Most Americans just do not make enough money to make it through each month.

So, what makes you really happy?

An overwhelming majority of us do not have any real direction, purpose in our lives, specific written goals, or timelines to reach our goals.

In fact, we do a better job of planning for a vacation than we do planning for our lives!

We all make New Year’s Resolutions but by Jan 15 – 92% of us have already stopped pursuing them. How sad!

Only 3% of us even bother to write down our goals!

What if you had goals, written goals, that you were working toward each day. Do you think attaining these goals would bring you joy? Would make you happy?

How do you determine if you are healthy? The usual standards are percentage of body fat, diet, amount of exercise, whether you smoke or not and if you have a positive mindset.

Do you think being healthy, truly healthy, would increase the happiness factor in your life?

What about having wealth? More wealth than you have now?

I’m here to tell you that money doesn’t buy happiness.

Speaking from my own personal experiences, money doesn’t equate to personal happiness, but it certainly helps alleviate a lot of worry.

I’m Dave Brethauer, Author, Speaker, Coach, and Entrepreneur.

For years I thought I was happy, healthy, and wealthy, and from all outward appearances everyone who knew me saw just that.

Unfortunately, what people did not see was that I was not happy. I was fighting depression from a terrible childhood, was unhappy being a stay-at-home dad (at my wife’s request) and had no real purpose or goals in my life. I was unfulfilled. However, I was wealthy for many years, thanks to my wife’s successful career.

I got the wake-up call when my kids were raised, and she divorced me. That is when I truly began seeking what makes me genuinely happy.

Today, I get joy from spending time with my kids and helping others become happier, healthier, and wealthier in their lives.

Health wise, I’ve always been in pretty good shape, but it took being diagnosed 12 years ago as a type II diabetic to finally understand how precious true health is.

As far as wealth, let’s just say that I’m not at the top of the mountain yet, but I’m nowhere near the bottom either.

So, I invite you to join me. Discover for yourself how you can live a happier, healthier, and wealthier life and find your true purpose so that you can find the happiness you deserve!

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